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Eps100-4:3 100in Electric Projector Screen 4:3
Item Number: 952.322

A range of large format projector screens with built-in electric motor controlled via the in-line switch or remote control. The screen is housed in a white steel case with mounting brackets on either end, allowing installation onto ceilings or walls. The screen itself has a weighted bottom bar to prevent the screen jamming in the case or curling. Various sizes available for all types of installation such as classrooms, auditoriums or places of worship.

R2,913.42Ships from Johannesburg

Product Spesifications:

  • Fitted with In-line control switch
  • RF remote control included
  • Black border enhances the definition of the projected image
  • Adjustable drop and retract distance limiter
  • Flame retardant and mildew proof
  • Low noise electric motor
  • Available in 4:3 and 16:9 formats
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz
Gain 1.1
Boarder size 40mm
Viewing angle 100°
Screen colour Matte white
Remote control frequency 433.92MHz
Lead length plug to controller: 1.5m
Lead length controller to housing: 1.5m


Screen size 86" 4:3
Screen size 1660(W) x 1230(H)mm
Screen size 86" (218cm)
Screen ratio 4:3
Max. drop 1595mm
Screen dimensions 1720 x 1300mm
Housing dimensions 2040 x 88 x 88mm
Weight 9kg
Screen size 100" 4:3
Screen size 1980(W) x 1470(H)mm
Screen size 100" (254cm)
Screen ratio 4:3
Max. drop 1795mm
Screen dimensions 2000 x 1500mm
Housing dimensions 2320 x 88 x 88mm
Weight 9kg
Screen size 100" 16:9
Screen size 100" (254cm)
Screen ratio 16:9
Max. drop 1545mm
Screen dimensions 2210 x 1230mm
Housing dimensions 2520 x 88 x 88mm
Weight 10kg
Screen size 120" 4:3
Screen size 2360(W) x 1750(H)mm
Screen size 120" (305cm)
Screen ratio 4:3
Max. drop 2095mm
Screen dimensions 2400 x 1800mm
Housing dimensions 2720 x 88 x 88mm
Weight 12kg
Screen size 120" 16:9
Screen size 120" (305cm)
Screen ratio 16:9
Max. drop 1800mm
Screen dimensions 2650 x 1480mm
Housing dimensions 2980 x 88 x 88mm
Weight 13kg